Interview: Sean Fagan (145lbs amateur “Take On Promotions” Champion)


So today I have with us on The Fighters Life, Sean Fagan.
I want to introduce Sean. Sean has had a very successful amateur career, with an impressive record of11-3. Just recently taking home the 145lbs amateur “Take On Promotions” Champion Title.

Sean thanks for taking some time out from your training, for this next up and coming bout. Which, I know you’ve got to be pretty excited about. I’ll be quick.

[TFL] first I wanted to ask you about what got you into Muay Thai, and what drives you to train and fight?

[Sean Fagan] I originally played hockey growing up and found myself in the middle of all the scrums and fights. My mom said ‘why don’t you just box or something’ and so I did! I boxed for a few years, then trained MMA and finally found my true passion, muay thai. I love muay thai because it gives me a purpose to wake up every morning and better myself. Everyday I try to eat healthier, train harder and improve in the all aspects in my life that I care about.

[TFL] What was your journey up to your title victory like?

[Sean Fagan] What has my journey been like?
Well I guess my muay thai journey began when I fought and trained in Thailand. I happened to win a poker tournament online for 15k and decided to hop on a plane to Thailand to train and fight. My first 3 fights were in Thailand and after that I was hooked. I came back into the states and tried fighting as often as possible. I lost my debut on Friday Night Fights in the 8-man 154lbs by split decision but got a lot of recognition from it since I took the fight in a higher weight class and on a days notice. Since then I’ve won 7 in a row with the most recent win being a title at Madison Square Garden!

[TFL] May I ask what your preparations for this title defense looks like?

[Sean Fagan] The training camp for this fight has been pretty different from my other fights because I’ve been making a lot of life changes. Within the past month I’ve moved to NYC, quit my job and came back from vacation (where I got the flu), so it’s been hard to get into a flow. I originally was going to start training at Sitan Gym here in Astoria, NY but my opponent happens to be from there. Now I’m training at Evoution Muay Thai with Brandon Levi and he’s been great and really pushing me hard. I’m feeling confident and ready for this fight although I’ve only had a couple good weeks of training in.

[TFL] So, you said you train and fought in Thailand. What was that like?

[Sean Fagan] It was awesome. The culture there and the overall atmosphere there is totally different. Fighting my first fight there was definitely an experience in itself… I think I was more nervous about doing the ram muay good than I was for the fight itself!

[TFL] What are your continuing aspirations?

[Sean Fagan] I hope to turn pro in the very near future. I’m trying my hardest to get on the GLORY 8-man tournament for the 143lbs weight class so hopefully I’ll be able to do that. If not I’ll just keep fighting as often as I can against the best opponents I can and try to make a name for myself.

I also hope to help spread the word of this great sport like you are doing yourself. I own and operate to help inspire others to chase their fight dreams as I chase mine. I expect big things from myself and hope to be a professional champion in the next few years!

Thanks for the interview! Shout out to all my fans, family and friends, without all of you this wouldn’t be possible!

[TFL] Sean, Thank you so much for your time. I know how valuable your time is.

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One response to “Interview: Sean Fagan (145lbs amateur “Take On Promotions” Champion)

  1. I met Sean in Thailand and trained at the same gym. He’s a very focused and trains really well so it was great to hear about him winning a title 🙂


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