“Sacrifice” by Uriel Figueroa



Often when we become so passionate about something whatever it may be, you come to realize that in order to become proficient at it you will have to make sacrifices that others will not understand and are not willing to do.

In my short career (so far) I have often had to choose Muay Thai, my passion over work, family, holidays, vacations, certain bills being paid, etc. etc. I don’t regret any choices I have made in my quest to be the best Muay Thai fighter I can be. I believe this is sometimes over looked when others attempt to be truly efficient at something, whether it be Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, or even gardening.

What kind of sacrifices have you made for your respective sport or craft? Do you think it was worth it in the long run? Would you make the same choices if presented the opportunity to start from the beginning? If not, what would you change?

Interview from Por. Muagpet Muay Thai in Thailand. Cody Moberly.


(TFL) Today we have up and coming prospect Cody Moberly. He’s has taken a bit of time from his hard training while in Thailand to speak with us. Thanks for being with us Cody. How was your trip?

(CM) It is great, I am staying in House here with other fighters. One from France, another guy from Germany and A Thai guy as well, and I have only been here couple weeks but I already feel at home and like family here.

(TFL) Obviously Thailand is known as the land of smiles, how is Thailand treating you?

(CM) The people here are so nice and friendly. I walk down street and get invited to eat with them, and there’s just a lot of people like that. kinda, Me casa es su casa attitude.

(TFL) And which gym were you training at?

(CM) Por. Muagpet Muay Thai in Samutprakarn, Thailand just south of Bangkok. Its not a Money gym, the ring floor is uneven and the gym is not the best gear or bags etc. But I love it. I wouldn’t want to be any where else, I am right where I need to be. The training I get here is awesome and the trainers here push you and also we’re always making jokes and laughing together. Its a very serious training but friendly atmosphere. Like I say before Muay Thai Family here.

(TFL) How’s the training going?

(CM)It is hard training and they are breaking me of a lot of my bad habits. I feel stronger and faster everyday, I really feel my knees are getting stronger.  my trainers tell me If I use my knee like this in the fight, I will win for sure. My legs are so hard and my body is getting fitter and stronger than ever. it feels great to be in such a good shape.

(TFL) Have you taken a fight there yet?


(CM) Yes I fought my first fight in Rayong, Thailand. It was a good fight, which I lost by decision. but my trainers were very happy with my performance, and said don’t worry you fight good. I have a picture of my side after the fight and a video I will post soon. I am also fighting at Rajademnern Stadium May 8th, so I am very excited about that as well wish me Chok Dee!

(TFL) Wow, very cool. Tell us all about your experience there?

(CM) It is HOT! but I don’t mind it too much. The food is incredible, and the girls like the food, are Hot! but you can never be sure if it’s a real girl..right? (Laughs) I like the area I am in, not a lot of bars and I never see other foreigners, except the ones that stay here at the gym. I am learning to speak Thai faster since no one around here speaks English very good, so I am forced to learn. Which Is good cause I always wanted to speak Thai.

(TFL) Just recently heard you took a position as a kinder garden teaching, instructing English and we wanted to congratulate you. So what’s your game plan?

(CM) Thank you, and yes I just had an interview for a job to teach kindergarten. when the teachers found out I’m a “Nak Muay” (Thai Boxer) they told me “are you sure you not going to Muay Thai the kids, if they are not behaving?”. They are very friendly I look forward to teaching the kids, and I will use the money to pay for my living here and try to save some money to buy gear and things. I plan on owning my own gym, when I come back to USA.

(TFL) Speaking of which, any idea when you’ll be back in the states?

(CM) I literally do Not know right now (Laughs) I feel I do not have reason to go back until I have accomplished what I came here for, and that is Success.


(TFL) Well Thank you so much for your time Cody!

We look forward to hearing more from you while you’re training in Thailand. Chok Dee fighting at Rajademnern Stadium on May 8th. keep us posted. Win, lose or draw, we’re proud of you.

Interview with Isael Zuniga of Izzy Camp Muay Thai, in Pasadena Tx

405_508398585877287_623433078_n Interview with Isael Zuniga of Izzy Camp Muay Thai, in Pasadena Tx.
I know we’ve been talking about coming over and cross training with you guys. we haven’t had the opportunity to hang out with you all yet, due to fight training. But I want to thank you for the opportunity.

(IZ) Thank you very much for the opportunity you are giving me, and it’s good to know that the traditional Muay Thai is being supported in houston tx. (K̄hxbkhuṇ māk)

(TFL) That’s what Muay Thai is about.
Tell us a little bit about your gym?

I would like to speak in small words what Izzy camp is about. there has been a lot of sacrifice, sweat and time poured into building Izzy Camp. I’ve been committed to teaching good, Traditional Muay Thai in all its aspects. from cultural and arts, to self defense martial arts.
We have young students age 5 up to adults 60 years practicing muay thai.
I have team Izzy, consisting of a group of young fighters who will compete in the best tournaments that we face.

(TFL) When did you all open?
Well the opening of the gym was only on February 4 this year.
Two years ago we started near my house in an abandoned lot, were we did not even have floor mats, and no ring, just concrete and carpet chunks.

I am sending you a photo of the first izzy camp.
(TFL) Where is izzy camp MT located?
1001 Fairmont Pkwy Pasadena Tx 77504
(TFL) What can a person expect from the classes and training?
(IZ) if you’re looking to learn real muay thai, this is were you’ll find it. we take care of you, and try to make most of your experience here enjoyable. Muay Thai is my specialty and that I love nothing more then to teach.
(TFL) Do any of your boxers intend to compete soon?
That’s right, and as I mentioned I am preparing a very young group of new fighters, which undoubtedly represent the gym, just a matter of a few months and we’re ready.
(TFL) Everybody knows about my instructor, Kru Pong.
But tell us about your linage of instructors?
Before joining thai champ, was another of muay thai gym (Gym soldier) so and been practicing this art since 1999.
I represnte the Univercidad Autonoma de Monterrey (UANL) in tournaments and exhibitions muay thai. 2004
My kru in Mexico, is Julio Gamboa of Thai Champ 2004/2007
we are descended from (TBA) Thai Boxing Association.
I belong to team fight Thai Champ
(TFL) Tell us about your experience as a trainer and instructor?
• (IZ)
• One of the most rewarding things as an instructor is that students themselves will give thanks for the lessons, every time I see them, the wins are very satisfactory that the objective is met,
but sometimes even if we don’t win, we give a good fight, and thats is also a rewarding too.
• Starting to teach in Submission Boxing Academy in 2009/2012 were i helped prepared a few fighters for MMA. to mention some like Brannen Jones , Jonathan Harris, Manny Lozoya , Edgar Vardin, Caileb Cummins etc…
• Gracie Barra JJ. Draculino Gym. 2011/2013 I am currently teaching muay thai class there on Saturday.

(TFL) Any fighter prospects we should be looking for soon?
(IZ) I have on several fighters that represented door to izzy camp. What’s mention a few: Albert Faritza, Alfonzo Gomez, Mike leng,
I am preparing physically and mentally, when going out for a tournament are well prepared for their first encounters.
(TFL) Thank you so much for your time Izzy, and much luck to you and your team in the future.
Thank you for giving me a moment of your valuable time and your space to talk about my gym,