Two Cents for the day 11-14-13

Just something to take with you today into the ring, you can be great at sparring and suck at fighting.

That’s because you’re missing things from your equation, like how a hard kick really feels, or eating it on the chin. (Ha ha) Biggest piece of advice I can give you is, if you get caught in sparring, step back for a second to account for the blow. Don’t eat it and expect to blast someone… that’s ignorant. Especially when someone is being nice by not punting you into orbit, is pulling their head kicks and body knees.


Smile Please

Smile please!

When I started training under Kru Pong in Muay Thai a long time ago, after my pop’s passed away, instantly I fell in love with the sport, the art, the culture, and of course… the food.

When I first started fighting, and the level of my training kicked up, looking back, I used to drink the macho UFC  Kool-Aid (Haha).  I used to think that my training needed to be grueling, painful punishment. After all, that’s what you see on TV, and that’s what makes champions, right? I used to run myself into the ground day after day, acting like what I did made me tough. And looking back, I always remember my instructor tell me in his broken accent, as he make fun of us “why you make angry face” breaking the tension in the air, and of course everyone’s favorite “Smile please!”

Looking back, I realize this was the greatest one piece of advice that my Kru could have ever given me. As something that my father used to say “strength is when you can walk through fire, and never smell like smoke. Walk through floods, and not look wet.” There is an old hidden wisdom in both the sayings of both these old men, with my father also being a former boxer.  And, as I continue to be fortunate enough to be exposed to top level Thai talent, I continue to see this relevant bit of wisdom. The wisdom that real strength is the ability to succeed while building others up. It’s to fight your heart out, and enjoy every bit of it. It’s to train hard… have fun and laugh. Laughter clears the mind, calms the body, and prepares one for the game. And I say “Game” because this is a sport… not “The Hunger Games”

So remember to have fun, don’t be a bully, and leave your ego and epic mentality at the door. Let’s have some fun. Because when the going gets tough, the tough crack a joke.