Revolution Dojo Muay Thai selected to compete at IFMA

A couple of weeks ago fighter Jennifer Guerrero, (MT coach) Samuel Mongonia and myself (Lead MT coach)”Nethaneel Mongonia”  we’re submitted and accepted on the USA team to compete at the IFMA World Muay Thai games in Langkawi Malaya.

first off, I’d like to say how honored we are to be a part of something this big, and to be selected to represent the USA at the IFMA World Muay Thai games.

If you’d like to help by making a large or small contribution to get our athletes to  the Olympics of Muay Thai, follow the link to our gofundme page!


also, we are hosting a pancake  fund raiser at our Houston Location!



Chris Jackson


(TFL) Chris Jackson new up and comer, that has made a name for himself here in the Houston scene with a couple of great performances in the ring. Starting with boxing, Chris is an exciting and aggressive combination style fighter with massive power in his hands,

Chris, how long have you been training and tell us a bit about your history?

(Chris Jackson) I’ve been training going on 4yrs now. I did lots of boxing and a little MMA, but recently became addicted to Muay Thai (Laughs)

(TFL) yeah, Muay Thai will do that (laughs) is a beautiful sport, but it’s also an adrenaline rush because the sport can be so fast paced.

Fill us in on Submission Boxing Academy and Kru Izzy?

(Chris Jackson) SBA has been operating going on 7yrs; Kru Izzy branched out to start “Izzy Camp” which has been open for a little over a year now.

(TFL) I fought Brannon a long time ago; Brannon is a tough and talented kid, so you all have some killers over there. We interview Izzy a while back, when he first opened. I like Izzy a lot; he’s a good guy and a great teacher who’s been fighting and training for a long time. Congratulations to him for his success with Izzy Camp.

(Chris Jackson) When comes to Muay Thai Kru Izzy is an awesome instructor. He very traditional and passionate about Muay Thai, which makes me feel good to be training under him and representing Izzy Camp Muay Thai.

(TFL) Definitely, I love how he’s always training next to you guys.  How long have you been focusing on Muay Thai?

(Chris Jackson) I’ve been doing Muay Thai for the pass 3yrs, but this last year it’s become my main focus.


(TFL) what is it about Muay Thai that you enjoy so much?

(Chris Jackson) The culture itself and the respect that’s shared and encouraged amongst teammates, instructors and opponents. On top of that it’s beautiful yet brutal. We test ourselves daily, mentally, emotionally and physically.

(TFL) Chris, tell us a bit about your fight history and how your last showing went?

(Chris Jackson) I’ve only had one Muay Thai fight, against Jeremy Melbourne from Team Tooke. He was really good, came out with some technical combos. He sort of overwhelmed me, but I kept my composer, which is a gift of mine (Laughs). I realize I had to close the distance and hit him hard, which got me the KO of the night.


(TFL) Wow, yeah Jeremy is no slob, he’s really good. I’m sure there is a potential rematch in the future, but what are you really focusing on right now and what’s your career game plan?

(Chris Jackson) Keep training and learning anywhere and from anyone I can. I’m looking to gain all the experience possible and fight as long as my body allows me.

(TFL) That is definitely a great game plan. That would be my advice to anyone seeking to have a successful career and possibly go pro in Muay Thai one day.

Is there anyone on your team that we should be on the lookout for?

(Chris Jackson) Oliver Jimenez, dude is improving daily. Angel Benavides, very hard nose guy and kicks like a mule. Benito Moreno, he’s hungry and should be a force in the future. Just to name a few.

(TFL) Yes sir, well keep our eyes peeled. Oliver did great in his last fight, what impressed me was his ability to say calm and composed after that first round. I will be on the lookout for those names on future fight cards.

Are you pretty excited about Muay Thai kingdom 2?

(Chris Jackson) Oh yea I’m hyped, even if I wasn’t on the card I would still be excited to see the match ups on this card.

(TFL) I know right, definitely a great card with a lot of talent. Anyone you would like to thank or send a shout out to?

(Chris Jackson) I would like to thank all my coaches and teammates for being behind me during this journey I’m on. Also, I would like to thank Michael Corley for bringing Muay Thai back to Houston.

(TFL) You and me both brother! Thanks for the interview Chris.


Revolution Dojo: Muay Thai Kingdom II

Promo highlighting the muay thai fighters from Revolution Dojo, leading up to Muay Thai Kingdom II
Shot and Directed By: Cm Black Pixels
Highlighted Fighters:
Jennifer Guerrero
Uriel Figueroa
TJ Johnson
Ray Aninzo


Exciting new team members


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Jeremy Milbourn, The Terminator.


(TFL) As always, we here at TFL have a commitment to cover Houston Muay Thai and highlight Texas talent. Muay Thai is a very blue collar sport. Thai boxers put in a lot of road work and fights, to gain experience. Today, I’ve got a talented young man who has been hitting the pavement hard the past couple of years. I personally have had the pleasure of hanging out with Jeremy at the TBA-SA tournament and various smokers, so I know how much this young man loves the sport.

Jeremy, tell me about yourself, your home gym and how long you’ve been training?

(Jeremy Milbourn) I’ve been training at Team Tooke for over 2 years now. We have been around for about 5-6 years at 249 and grant rd.

(TFL) That’s awesome. They’ve been doing an awesome job building up fighters in such a short time. Tell us about your coach and facilities?

(Jeremy Milbourn) I train with Michael Corley, he started training there a little over a year ago.

(TFL) Nice, Corley is a good guy to learn under. He has a lot of wonderful hands on experience. How long have you been doing Muay Thai and Kickboxing?

(Jeremy Milbourn) off and on for about 3 years now.

(TFL) Wow, so you just jumped head first into fighting… that’s great, because a lot of people second guess themselves, and never put themselves out there like that. That shows a lot of heart.

What is it about Muay Thai that attracts you to this sport so much?

(Jeremy Milbourn) I’ve attracted to muay thai since the movie blood sport. I just fell in love with contact sports since my tae kwan do days.

(TFL) (Haha) Who could forget blood-sport with Jean-Claude van Dam. Tell us about your fight history, your last fight and how they all went?

(Jeremy Milbourn) I’ve been in two tournaments, three smokers, and one bout. I fought Chris Jackson, in my last fight. Unfortunately, I was knocked out in the second round.

(TFL) So you’ve been hitting the pavement pretty hard, trying to get as much experience as possible. That’s definitely a good career plan for you. Sorry for your loss brother, I know how that feels. I think every experienced fighter has been there. But it’s better to fight and lost, then to have never fought at all.


Everyone gets knocked down sometime in their career. What makes you a champion is refusing to give up, and to utilize your experience as a corrective tool. I know what kind of guy you are, and I’ve got a good feeling about your next fight.

What are your plains for the future?

(Jeremy Milbourn) My plan is to stay in the Muay Thai community; I don’t see myself going anywhere for a long time.

(TFL) That’s it brother, keep fighting. You’ve got a huge heart, and win, lose or draw you always leave it all in the ring; you’re going to go far.

Any training buddies we should be on the lookout for coming out of your school?

(Jeremy Milbourn) Joseph Espinoza is someone you should definitely look out for in 2014.

(TFL) duly noted, we’ll keep an eye open for him. Are you excited about the upcoming Muay Thai Kingdom card?

(Jeremy Milbourn) of course I am! I just hope they find me someone for me. I feel like I need to redeem myself. Just expect me to destroy the competition in 2014.

(TFL) (Laughs) oh I believe you Jeremy, 2014 is going to be a good year. I love your altitude, moving forward and not looking back.

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Muay Thai Kingdom 2 is coming!



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