Sitmonchai III: A bitter sweet ending




So today is thursday, the last training day of the week. This is just going to be a quick one, as I plan on making it up to you all while I am on the plane.

I worked with thong muck a lot this week, young guy with a lot of tricks up his sleeve. he likes to work the boxing combos a lot too. we worked with parries and counters. not really my thing, but if we don’t move outside our comfort zone, then we can’t grow. definitely enjoyed my time here at Sitmonchai, and they did everything they could to make us feel welcomed and like a part of the family. I also got to clinch with Pornsaneh and Kong Fa, that was a lot of fun.

we went to the sauna at the Wat down the street, and scooped up Pornsaneh on the ride over. the guy is like a kid, haha, once he figured out that he could get a rise out of Roni, he kept antagonizing her and messing with her ears. probably the funnest thing this whole trip.

Honestly, I had a plan to blog a lot more during my time here. but between training, taking notes, Songkran and spending time with all these great people, I felt that spending what little time we had with friends that we made here, was far more important.

Tonight I spread a bit of my fathers ashes at the first and second bridge of the morning run. So for every time that I come and visit Sitmonchai, it’ll also be a homage to a country, culture and people that my father loved very deeply. Thank you Garry and Roni for being a part of something like that with me.

I can’t thank Abigail, Pee-A, Jun, P-nae, Kong Fa, Thong Muck, Juab, Ley, Jimme and the rest of the Sitmonchai team enough for treating me like family. I’m sure that they’re used to having guests come and go all the time. But at no time did I ever feel like another face. I learned a lot, and worked directly along side with the fighters.

At the end of it all, this is bitter sweet. I’ll be back home, with pizza and beer. but a small piece of me will always remain here.



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Adventures at Sitmonchai II

Sitmonchai II


Sorry I haven’t been posting about all the good stuff in a couple of days. I intended to post something for you guys everyday, but between training, sleeping and seeing Bangkok yesterday, I’ve dropped the ball.

Anyhow, so on day two Kru Kongfa called me into the ring. Yeah, found my guy. Kru Kongfa is a much bigger guy and able to catch my kicks with the pads. I really like working with his style, we mesh really well. On our first rounds together, he helped me fix my knee a bit… he made the same correction to my knees, that I have been making to Jenn and the rest of the teams. It’s good to know that we’re on the right path.

Just a side note, Kongfa has fight Sudsakorn and had a great career.

The Thai’s have a different style of boxing with the hands. once I realized that the hooks and upper cuts were coming from the same angles as the elbows, the combos and the power started to fall in place.

in the states, we always work western boxing with the hands. it’s always good to learn a different style, and it’s understandable why the Thai’s throw a lot of power shots with their hands. The scoring system doesn’t really score the hands, unless the boxer is doing damage with them.

So I took a lot of what I worked on in the morning and afternoon training, and spent sometime working them on the bags. Needless to say, I had a great training day.

I can’t state how much I am enjoying my stay at Sitmonchai. everyone is really nice, and Pee A and Abigail take really good care of everyone here.



After putting in the equivalent of four days back home, my third day was a rest day. It was nice to sleep in a bit, and watch the fighters train. Just hung out and learned a lot of god stuff.

after morning training, we eat and headed into Bangkok for the day. Bangkok was a blast. first we wen’t to the boons store. Garry flagged down a scooter taxi… cost us ten Bhat, and the guys knew where the store was. Garry not flagged them down, we probably would have spent the day just looking for the Boons store.


After our dare with death, we went to MBK. which is a giant mall in downtown, that you can reach from the sky tran. we went at watch Jimmy fight. Jimmy looked good, sharp and strong. in the first round Jimmy felt his guy out for the first half of the round, then started to punish the guy with leg kicks. and in the second Jimmy started landing his hands a bit more too. up until half way through, Jimmy was rocking it, when he ate a kick to the knee just right that twisted his ankle and ended the fight.


we then rushed to Raja to see Jun fight. we got to hang out in the warm up rooms, and take pictures with Jun. what a fight! Jun came lout strong in the first, landing his combos at will. in the second, more of the same, until his opponent caught him with what looked like a left hook. Jun was wobbly on his feet, and for a moment I thought that Mr.Knockout was about to be KO’s… then the round ended. Coming into round three, what a hell of a come back. Jun landed a right hook to left leg kick that stop his opponent in is tracks. once Jun saw that he followed it again for a TKO.

we returned to the camp for the night. what was suppose to be a rest day, ended up being a day of walking. Haha.



*On a bit of a serious note, please keep my friend’s father-in-law in your thoughts. he just had a heart attack, and a bypass. The Mongonia’s hope and pray that all is well in the Kunstman household.  :/


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Sitmonchai day one

Welcome to the Fighters Life, and thanks for following us.

Sitmonchai Day one:


Roni and myself made it in to Sitmonchai sunday, hung out with Garry and met some really awesome people that are staying here with us. Everyone is super nice and friendly, we’re definitely enjoying ourselves right now.


Garry showed us around the village a bit; he showed us the Tesco/local small super market and the village banana treat stand. We were a bit tired after being up for 30 hours on our flight, so we started nodding off at 8pm, we called it a night and crashed a bit early. Which was sad, because my buddy Cody Moberly was fighting on the ThaiFight card that night, and we just couldn’t stay awake.


about to go for a run… but first, let me take a selfie BUUAHAHAHAH


Monday morning, we were rested up and ready to work. We started our morning with a nice run; Roni and Garry did the smart thing by pacing themselves. I however, got a bit over zealous. I did the third bridge, which everyone says is 10k. personally, it felt like 8k. The temp here is really nice, it’s just like home in Houston. At 6am when we wake and have a cup of coffee, it’s a comfy 65-70 degrees. Which makes it really nice for sleeping, and for peaceful mornings. people have complained about being woken by a chorus of dogs and roosters, but I’ve been sleeping like a baby, and I think I was only woken once but the dog here at the camp, as he sounds freakishly like a human, with zombie undertones. (Laughs) but he’s a supper sweet dog.


The heat and humidity is great during the day, as it’s feels just like Houston. It really helps to keep you from getting cold and stiff when you stop for a rest. Just stay hydrated. After our morning run, we wrapped up and got ready to hit. Just like home, you’re responsible to work at your own pace, big boy style. I worked with Kru Jaa and Roni has been working with Kru Pan “Pon”. My first session, was great. he was very technical, and I really enjoyed working with him. We worked on foot work and he help me with adding a bit more power to my knees, elbows and leg kicks. Got some really cool stuff for the students at home. I kind of felt a bit smothered with the boxing, but I just kept working with it and I finally started finding my range.

I started noticing he was wincing, once I started landing my power. Poor guy couldn’t weigh more then 135-145lbs, so I kind of felt bad.

After the morning training, Garry, Roni and I went by the banana stand and got some awesome treats. Oh my god, it was so freaking good. Also, a guy comes around on a scooter cart, and he makes these sweet scramble egg crapes wraps that are amazing. Anyhow, we did our afternoon run around 3:30pm,  it was hot, around 100-105, but nothing worse then home. I cut my run in half, because the evenings are the harder rounds and there’s sparing and clinching.


After returning from our afternoon run, it was time to hit.

Kru Jaa held for me again, and we worked a lot of the same stuff. I love working at Sitmomchai, straight up meat and potatoes Muay thai, just really good sold fundamentals. “Good fundamentals are what win fights” – Kevin Ross

He spent some time working on some of my technical stuff dealing with leg kicks. They really liked my leg kick, but added a few more things to optimize the power level. It’s definitely going to take some time to implement some of the stuff he showed me. good thing I documented everything. I felt really bad, because I was just to big for him to work with. All and all, it was a great day of training. also I got to spar with a Lumpinee rising star Pech. really good kid and really strong, he’s another to watch out for in the next couple of years.

On another note, I got to meet and hang a bit with Moo before his big fight in turkey this weekend for Glory 15. I’m definitely excited for him, he’s earned this shot.


There’s nothing flashy about this gym, it’s not a tourist spot, and that’s we I love this place. I highly recommend it if you’re serious about training in Thailand. This will be my home gym for every trip I make to Thailand hence forth. I’m just having a blast, and everyone is treating us like family.

Well, sorry to cut it short, but I’ve got to go and get ready for tuesday afternoon training. Afterwards we’re hitting up a night market/bazaar that opens once a week.

Thanks for reading.

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Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai Glory 15


Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai, affectionately nicknamed “Moo” will be making his big debut on the world stage at Glory 15 in Istanbul Turkey. At 18 years old this young man made his way into the top ten of his respective weigh class at the Lumpinee stadium. Now at the age of 20 he’s stepping onto the world stage, and it will be a fight that you won’t want to miss.
Yodkhunpon, much like his gym mates, utilizes a heavy boxing and powerful leg kick style that doesn’t fit into the traditionalist model of Muay Thai.


The hand and leg kick style is a staple of the Dutch tradition of kickboxing, which we’re used to seeing in Europe and in the United States. However, the Thai adaptation of this style, utilizes all the power of the traditional Thai style kick, knees, elbows and foot work, which makes for a very fast pace and exciting style. I would also like to reiterate that not only is Yodkhunpon known for his knockout power and speed, but his wit as well.

Watching him train and fight, one thing I noticed was his high level of ring IQ. Even as Yodkhunpon is fighting aggressively forward, he has the ability to make his opponent miss and capitalize on his opponent’s mistakes. This mixed with his Knockout power, makes him a very dangerous opponent and a name to watch at Glory 15 and future events. I know I’ll be watching, and so should you!





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Countdown to Sitmonchai

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First and foremost, I want to thank for coming on board as a partner and helping send American athletes to the IFMA world games. Take a moment and check out our partners, as they have been a huge help in getting us to Malaysia this year. USA! USA! USA! This has been a huge communal effort by everyone to get us to the World Games.

I also want to thank DoubleD productions in Katy for lending me the equipment to document everything while I am at Sitmonchai gym.





So today is Tuesday in Houston, and I’m busy reading my boy Garry Kuntsman’s memoirs of a geisha… I mean blog. Hate this guy right now… just rub it in, you dang syrup guzzler!

If you get a chance, head over to and check out his blog, while he’s training at Sitmonchai.


Roni and I will be catching up with our friend Garry Kuntsman in a week, and until then time will have seemed to grind to a halt. Ten minus 5 days before we fly out, and Roni and I are very excited about traveling to Thailand, as this is her first time outside of the states. I spent the first couple of my years on this planet in Thailand, so it’ll be a long overdue trip to my second home. Pretty excited myself, I’m planning on taking a camera and a lot of pictures, so I’ll have a lot of good material for you guys.

We got a lot done in preparation for our trip, got my hair done, house cleaned up, extra supplies for the kittysetter, shopping done and clothing items set aside and ready to go. My brother lent me his military duffle bag, and as we’re tying up loose ends this whole trip is getting more real.

I’ve been putting in 4 hours of hard training in 6 days a week, in preparation for Thailand and IFMA… I’m in Thailand to learn, and I’m trying to minimize my catch up time, I just want to hit the ground running and avoid missing out on a lot of good stuff. I want the trainers and fighters to know that I am for real, and I want to earn their respect. At Rev we train like Thai’s, dedicating hours a day after work to getting better and staying in shape.

And in all this, I also hope to create some great memories and break the rut of corporate America with Roni. weird enough, while training in Thailand, I’ll be able to see my wife more then I see her here. Send us good vibes for a safe travel.

Here is me working the bags to keep you entertained.