Welcome to The Fighters Life


Welcome to TFL. As Muay Thai get’s more attention due to the UFC and other Mix Martial arts organization, the sport has began to exploded in growth. our goals here at TFL is to help build and promote fighters,  the fans and understanding around the sport of Muay Thai through interviews, highlighted techniques, fight analysis, and behind the seen looks at the day to day blood, sweat and tears that is The Fighters Life.

About the writer: Nethaneel “Nete” Mongonia.

Nethaneel Mongonia grew up abroad spending some time as a child in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. After his father died 2007, and weighing 220 at 5’11”, Muay Thai became an outlet, a way to lose weight and get in shape. Years later and winning multiple titles, Nethaneel Mongonia is committed to continuing to help the sport of Muay Thai grow.

StriKing Light Middle-weight Champion

TBA-SA International Class-A Light Middle-weight Champion.

USMTA National Super Middle-weight Champion.

USACS Super Middle-weight Champion.

Nethaneel Mongonia is also the Lead Muay Thai Coach and competitionMuay Thai Team Captain at Revolution Dojo Downtown, located at 1224 Houston Ave, Houston Tx 77007.

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