LK3 Houston


Legacy Fighting Championship recently released their line up for the following LK3 event, set to take place at the Bayou Music Center in downtown Houston Texas.

Main Card (AXS TV):

135 – Anke Van Gestle (22-3) vs. Valentina Schevchenko (56-1)

205 Quarterfinals – Andres Van Engelen (8-1) vs. Danny Mitchell (4-1)

205 Quarterfinals – Manny Mancha (11-2) vs. Fernando Almeida (9-1)

160 – Richard Abraham (6-2) vs. Daniel Kim (4-2)

140 – Justin Houghton (6-2) vs. Angel Huerta (5-1)

140 – Jordan Wieland (21-3) vs. Samuel Mongonia (16-3)


154 – Adam Edgerton vs. Nethaneel Mongonia

125 – Andrea Lee vs. TBD

170 – RJ Knepp vs. Mike “The Truth” Jackson

135 – Bobby Bradshaw vs. Akira Smith

135 – Alexiz Chavarria vs. Dulani Perry

185 Amateur – Marcus Johnson vs. Jacob Rodriguez

105 Amateur – Emily Scmitt vs. Bi Nguyen

145 Amateur – Oliver Jimenez vs. John Miller

the card should prove to be a very exciting night of talented fighters, all looking to show case their abilities.

you can get further info here



Burns Vs Fletcher


If you haven’t already read one of our interviews with Ash, then your miss out on a good read. Ash is one tough girl, a warrior spirit and an exciting up and comer who’s had her share of up’s and downs in her career. She’s one of those fighter‘s that prides herself on putting on a good fight. I was lucky enough to share a locker room with her and DJ Miller, the Muay Thai Power Couple (Laughs).

Ash, you’ve been on here once before,  Would you mind sharing a lit bit more about your past, and how you’ve come this far?

(Ashley Burns)

I have been doing Muay Thai for about 2 years now and fell in love with it. Prior to getting into martial arts I was living quite a different life as a musician, singing and playing bass in a female punk/thrash band on a label and touring. When I decided to really take a break from the road I discovered Muay Thai which has been so rewarding for me, I plan to try and get as many amateur fights next year as possible and then go pro.


Incredible, you gave up the “band life” for this sport.

Sounds like you’re keeping yourself busy and putting in your road work as a fighter. I have to say that there is no substitute for fight experience, that’s for sure. And you’ve got a great goal.

I know you just fought for, would you catch us up to speed?

(Ashley Burns)

My last fight was with Colby Fletcher, and she is legit. She’s has great form, strong punches and kicks, and mixes it up a lot more than I was expecting. I was having a little trouble finding my range for my hands at first and was getting tied up a lot in the clinch, but finally around the 2nd round I started doing some “Sato” knees, and they were landing-flush. I could tell they were working at this point and at the 3rd round just kept coming in hard until that final knee caught her and it was an 8count, KO…my first KO. Felt like pure adrenaline.


wow, congratulations on the KO! I know Colby is no scrub; she just picked up a dominating win over really good fighter from Saekson’s Gym in Dallas.

How did the rest of the Striking event go?

(Ashley Burns)

The overall event was awesome, my teammates did phenomenal and I was so proud of each of their performances.


Sounds like Striking did it again, by putting on another great event.

I know that you’ve had some gym shifting going on in the last year, catch us up to speed as you’ve recently settled down at you all’s new home.

(Ashley Burns)

I am fight out of Bonafyde MMA/Sidthilaw under Khru Chris Beasley, this was my second fight with my new trainer and this one felt much more connected for me. I am really getting settled at my new gym, it is a small crew of extremely dedicated fighters so the atmosphere is competitive and supportive. The last 8 weeks leading up to the fight I was able to cross train at my former gym and enlisted the help of a mind coach, Marvin Wilkerson, to really get focused. It was a winning combination!


Nice! Iron sharpens iron. I’m glad you’ve found a great place that works for you, and is being a great tool for you to stretch your wings and expand as a fighter.

In your fight, what were you expecting and what didn’t go as planned? (Laughs)

(Ashley Burns)

I was really expecting her to come out strong with primarily hands; when she started mixing it up I was a bit surprised. I had to adapt and start looking for combinations to land, and finally found some that were working.


You know, I’m very impressed, that shows a lot of ring maturity and ring IQ. You are definitely a cerebral fighter.  Continuing forward, what are your game plans for the future?

(Ashley Burns)

I am definitely going to try and rack up as many amateur fights as I can next year, so that when I go to Thailand I can have my first pro bout there or as soon as I return; I just want to get as much experience as possible. I would also like to try and start making some trips to more Muay Thai oriented cities and check out the training atmosphere there to make some connections. It is fairly difficult to get a lot of fights as a female Muay Thai fighter in Nashville, so if I want to take it further I am going to reach out to make that happen. I am always looking for ways to challenge myself!


(Laughs) that’s pretty awesome, sounds like you’ve got one hell of a game plan. Well, let us know if you and DJ are ever interested in swinging through Houston. We’d love to have you guys.

Now, aside for Muay Thai, is there any other projects behind the scenes that you’d be kind enough to share with us?

(Ashley Burns)

I recently connected with a non-profit “” to be a spokesperson for their anti-bullying organization and write a guest blog and just be an advocate and help get their amazing cause some funds to support kids and give them resources who are victims of bullying. I am extremely excited about being able to be a positive role model and help support such a wonderful cause. Thanks for the interview!! You are the best!


That’s pretty amazing; I wish more fighters would take an interest in their communities, like you have.  I think that’s a wonderful way to give back, as a Combat Sports Athlete, to stand up for kids that are being bullied and be a role model for kids that are missing that in their life.

Well, thank you once again. We look forward to your next performance.



Fletcher Vs Burns


Welcome to, and today we have Colby Fletcher joining us.

Thank you for joining us, Colby.

Over the last year, you’ve put on a couple of great performances and scooped up a couple of good wins. For those that might not be familiar with your name, would you mind introducing yourself to our readers and sharing a bit of your back story?

(Colby Fletcher)

I started doing Muay Thai about 7 years ago when my mom married my stepdad (and coach), Ty Pilgrim. I started off just doing it to lose weight, but then I decided I wanted to get in the ring. I’ve had 3 Muay Thai fights.


(The Fighters Life)

Just starting you combat sports career, would you tell us about your fight history, who were your past opponent’s, and details about how the match’s went?

(Colby Fletcher)

I don’t remember the name of my first opponent, but the second was Moshena (Saekson), and the third was Ashley Burns.


(The Fighters Life)

I remember seeing the Moshena fight, and being blown away by your foot work and use of angles. That fight was a huge credit to your skills and to your coach Ty.

How did your preparation for this last fight go?

(Colby Fletcher)

The 8 weeks leading up to the fight was the time I really started concentrating on my breathing. I have had trouble with asthma in all of my past fights, so I really wanted to work on having it under control. I felt like I was doing well with pacing myself during the fight. My breathing was really good and I didn’t even have to use my inhaler (Laughs). My corner told me I just needed to close out the last round but Ashley’s knee found my liver. And that was that.


(The Fighters Life)

It’s amazing, one minute your about to take the fight on points, and then next it’s snatched away. I think both of your girls put on an extremely technical fight, the boys could learn a lot from you two (Laughs).

What are the plans for your sports career’s future?

(Colby Fletcher)

I would really love to fight Ashley again because I feel like we were both able to showcase our skills, and it was a great learning experience for me. We talked after the fight and we decided we wanted to make another good show for the fans in January. Ashley is an amazing fighter, and a good friend of mine, so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where she goes in her fight career as well. I hope to continue my fight career and hopefully bring home a belt one day.


(The Fighters Life)

Well I for one see a great rivalry starting to grow, like the Arturo Gatti vs. Micky Ward, Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier and Pacquiao Vs Marquez rivalries. Soon, it’ll be Fletcher Vs Burns up there too. (Laughs) Any future fights you two do, will most definitely be very exciting.

I have to say sorry you didn’t get the win this time, but we’ll keep cheering you on. Keep up the good work, and even a loss is a step towards that title, as the experience can only make you better.

Thanks for spending your time with us Colby!

(Colby Fletcher)

Thank you so much!!

(Stay tuned, as we interview Ashley Burns later this week.)


Alex Chhang

  • 1045260_10151736795103454_1925462348_n

    (TFL) What got you started in this sport, and how long have you been training?

    (AC) I started back Nov. 4th 2010 for a trial class and because an official member in Jan.2011. So about 2 years now.

    (TFL)Any personal obstacles you have had to overcome, to get this far?

    (AC) Outside the gym mainly was to find balance with work and school. But I would find myself being at the gym (Laughs).

    (TFL) What keeps you training and working so hard?

    (AC) Martial arts is self cultivating for me. I didn’t like the person I was growing up to be and when I starting training with Kru I fortified my focus to get better and I try to apply the same concentration in every aspect of my life. Plus I welcome the work no matter how hard.


    (TFL)Who are you matched up against?(AC) Carlos Garza

    (TFL)What would you say to others looking to complete in Muay Thai?

    (AC) Stay focus, master your basics, and enjoy your training. It’s the time of your life.

    (TFL)What are your plans for the future?

    (AC) I still compete in MMA I want to have a few matches than. And compete my Muay Thai events.

    (TFL) Thank you very much for hanging out with us.

    Don’t miss out on what is surely going to be an incredible fight, August 17th at the Muskogee Civic Center.


StriKing Champion representing orginization at Lion Fight 10


As always, it’s a pleasure to have DJ back with us on and welcome back!
Last we spoke you had just vindicated yourself against Eric Haycraft’s fighter, Adam Edgerton, and took the StriKing Junior middleweight title. (
that gold strap looks good on ya!
Tell us what you’ve been up to since last we spoke?

(DJM) I’ve recently switched gyms and intensified my training taking on 7 day a week training camps and working on my boxing a whole lot more

(TFL) How has training been going?

(DJM) Training has been going very good. I’m waking up every morning anxious to knowing where my athleticism will be taken everyday.

(TFL) What changes have you made recently to your game?

(DJM) boxing, boxing, and boxing, really looking to showcase what I’ve learned by utilizing my hands a little bit more.

(TFL) I see you’ve got a huge shot at a pro qualifier fight with Lion Fights?

(DJM) Yes I do. I’ve taken this fight on short notice, but with the way my gym trains, I’m pretty much training for a championship bout everyday regularly. So it will be a great opportunity and a great experience.

(TFL) You must be excited. Tell us your reaction when you where given the opportunity?

(DJM) I literally froze. I woke up to a text message by StriKing promoter Ty Pilgrim, asking if I wanted to fight on Lion Fights amateur card. I re-read the message five times and couldn’t believe what I was being asked. The feeling was amazing

(TFL) Who are you fighting, and what school are they from?

(DJM) I’m fighting Niko Ruiz from Saekson Muay Thai. Saekson Janjira is a legend and one of my all time favorite fighters. I know he trains every one of his fighter’s very well so I’ll know Ruiz will come with an A game, which is what I want.

(TFL) What do you know about your opponent’s style?

(DJM) From the footage I found on him I’ve noticed he likes the clinch very much. I also love the clinch, but I will aim for keeping the fight at my distance so I can work my skills and put on a good show for the fans.

(TFL) Tell us a bit of your training and fighting history, where you started and where you are now?

(DJM) My training is vigorous, a combination of sprints, circuit/weight training, bag work, boxing drills, body conditioning, it’s the complete package. My very first fight was in a club. I climbed up the ladder for a short time by knocking around MMA guys trying to do Muay Thai until I finally started get matched up with kickboxers, and it all has just been getting better from that point. I’ve watched Lionfight on TV and the internet and it’s so surreal that I am actually going to be a part of it.

As a Muay Thai fighter, we often have to work more and spend a lot of money fighting as amateurs, with little pay off… There’s no UFC for us. How long of a road has it been for you?

(DJM) It’s been a long road. I’ve been training and fighting for 4 years and have dreamed of traveling the world and competing as a Muay Thai fighter. To me it’s not about the money, it’s about a passion. I don’t have to have a 10 story house with 5 Ferraris in the driveway, As long as I’m able to do what I love, that’s my payout

(TFL) Well DJ, it’s great to have you back… we’ll be cheering you on at #Lionfight10 and #TFL

(DJM) Thank you, I’ll keep everyone posted via Facebook, right after security yanks me off of Yodsanklai. (Laughs)

(TFL) Don’t forget to catch DJ’s fight and many other great Muay Thai fights July 26th at Lion Fight 10 on AXS.TV

Follow the conversation at @NMONGONIA #Lionfight10

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Kelsey Sipes


(TFL) Today we have with us Muay Thai boxer Kelsey Sipes, who’s been making waves in the community recently as she continues her knockout spree.
Kelsey thanks for hanging out with us.

(KS) Thanks for having me.

(TFL) For those who’ve might not yet heard of you, would you mind introducing yourself?

(KS) Sure, I’m Kelsey Sipes or The honey badger.

(TFL) (Laughs) love the nickname. How long have you been training in Muay Thai?

(KS) I have been training around two years.

(TFL) What got you started in this sport?

(KS) I got started in Muay Thai because I wanted to gain complete control of myself, my mind, and my body. I fell in love with the sport immediately.

(TFL) And where do you train and under whom?

(KS) I train at Thunder Muay Thai in Muskogee, Oklahoma. My trainer/coach is Ty Pilgrim.


(TFL) Tell us about your resent bouts?

(KS) My resent bouts where in Iowa at the TBA. The first one I won and advanced to the finals with a second round TKO. The title fight went all three rounds, I won it with by unanimous decision.

(TFL) Who is your current favorite fighter and how do they inspire you?

(KS) My favorite would have to be my training partner, Colby Fletcher. She inspires me to keep going no matter what.


(TFL) Any idea as of future plans, what are your goals as a fighter?

(KS) I want to make Muay Thai my job. I plan on going pro in about five years.

(TFL) How does it feel to have that strap/title belt?


(KS) It feels pretty great; I could not have gotten to this level without my coach Ty, and all the training. Fighting in StriKing events has increased my skill level to where I was able to win the title.
(TFL) Well congratulations and we hope to continue to see you in future events!
(KS) Thank you and you definitely will.

(TFL) What personal obstacles have you over came to get this far?

(KS) There have been a few personal obstacles I had to conquer but nothing that would stop my dream. I don’t live a really normal life, but who would want to.

(TFL) Thank you for taking time out of your week day to hang out with us and the readers.


Josh Pickthall and Best Muay Thai


(TFL)Today we have with us a Josh Pickthall, from Best Muay Thai in Arizona.
Josh, for those out there that might not know who you are, would you mind introducing yourself?

(Josh Pickthall) Not a problem. My name is Josh Pickthall and I am a native Arizonian. I’m 32 years old and I work on Japanese cars for a living.

(TFL) How long have you been training and fighting?
(Josh Pickthall) I’ve been training Muay Thai for about 13 years and I’ve been competitive for about 4 years.

(TFL) what are your aspirations as a Thai-boxer?
(Josh Pickthall) I honestly started competing because I was looking for some sort of verification or confirmation that what I was practicing in the gym and during sparring would translate or be applied in a real life situation. I remember when I was young getting into petty school/street fights and not really remembering the fight and that always made me very uneasy. I wanted to be in control while in danger. I am impartial to who or where I fight. I’ve always been easy going when it came to opponents or venues. I just like to fight. I trust my trainer and she will tell me who, what, when, and where. Thai Boxing also keeps me healthy.


(TFL) what does your training usually look like, and how much time do you spend investing in to this?

(Josh Pickthall) When I am training for a fight it is very time consuming. I have a full time job so I have limited time during the first half of the day to do anything but work. I’ll normally get my run in at lunch time and try and inhale some protein and greens right after. Once I’m at the gym we jump rope, shadowbox, hit anywhere from 5-10 rounds of pads depending on how many weeks we are out from the fight, bag work, gear up an spar for several rounds, get in a bunch of knees and clinch on the bag, sprints, then some calisthenics to finish the night off. Wash, rinse, repeat up until the fight. I would say I’m at the gym for 3-3 1/2 hours a night 5 days a week. Sometimes class on Saturday depending on whether I’m working or not.

(TFL) I saw that your last fight was against “The Monk”, and I know they thought they were throwing you in there to fluff his recorded. Obviously they didn’t count on you being a tough SOB (Laughs)Care to tell us all about it?

(Josh Pickthall) Ah yes, “the monk fight”. It was actually a last minute decision as I was supposed to fight somewhere on the east coast. The monk had fought one of my teammates a year earlier and got knocked out then too. He originally wanted a rematch with my teammate but my guy was injured and wasn’t fighting anymore. So I stepped in. We knew that the monk had some weird iron face thing he liked to do so we focused on staying aggressive and hitting the body if he got all tensed up. At weigh-ins they said it would be for a title belt and had me and him hold up some random belt that didn’t even have our correct weight class on it. Weird. Once the fight started I was very surprised at how strong he was and the fact that he was clinching up with me and trying to knee. Supposedly we were told no clinching but I don’t remember to be honest. He took an early lead by hitting me square on the button in the first round. I was definitely on shaky leg lane. However, I managed to recover and started finding my range and getting my timing back. There had been a few times he tensed his jaw up and tried to block my punches with his forehead but I wasn’t able to capitalize. It wasn’t until the middle of the second round that I started a series with a kick under his arm, then followed with a right hand, turned to face him square with a jab, right uppercut, and a left hook which put him to sleep. I was very mad after the left hook because I felt extremely disrespected by him lowering his guard to try and take my punches. I stood over him and yelled some not-for-school words until the ref snatched me off. It was funny because afterwards they said I was a military enlisted boxing champion and that Yi Long took a dive. Saying that he threw the fight for money. I’m not an expert in Chinese culture but I’m fairly certain they don’t throw amateur fights to Americans on a regular basis. I didn’t ever get that belt either. Oh well.


(TFL) tell us about your gym, instructor and their back ground?


(Josh Pickthall) I train out of Best Muay Thai in Mesa, Arizona. It is a relatively new gym. Its been here for about 2 years. A very clean and professional atmosphere. I have two trainers. One is Bob Karmel who was one of the first Americans to teach Muay Thai in Thailand. He was training at Fairtex back in the golden age of Muay Thai. Alongside Jongsanan, Bunkerd, Gonyao, Saekson. He is very respected and really knows his shit. My other trainer Sunshine Fetkether is the one who chiseled me into the fighter I am today. She is my pad holder and the person who got me back into competing again. Sunshine has some of the best ring experience and has fought the best of the best in the sport of boxing and Muay Thai.

(TFL) I saw on Facebook that your getting married, wanted to say congratulations. Is it hard balancing the two?


Photo by Galaxie Andrews

(Josh Pickthall) I did get married and I couldn’t be happier. Even tho it put a hold on our fighting (my wife Pixi O’Reilly fights too) it’s been awesome. Having a training partner as your wife is perfect. They understand why your hurt or cranky or being a wuss. Everything is going just perfect.



(TFL) Anything else you’d like to add, like obstacle you’ve had to overcome to get this far ect ect?

(Josh Pickthall) Time is your biggest opponent. Whether it be not enough time in the day or not enough time left in your prime. It’s always ticking away. I just try to waste it the best way that I can. Thanks for the interview.