Muay Thai Kingdom 2 is coming!



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Muay Thai Kingdom 1: The Peoples Fight of the Night

Muay Thai Kingdom 1: The Peoples Fight of the Night

MTK1 was a very exciting night for Muay Thai, and combat sports fans. we’ll be electing Fight Of The Night.

Please take a second to let us know who you, the people, want to take this title home.


MTK2 line up!!!

Muay Thai Kingdom
Few more added to March 22 (pending TDLR) Adding just a couple more.

1) Bebe Laced (4oz) Crystal Knepp (Furia)
2) Oliver Jimenez (Izzy Camp) Robert Bailey (TT – C)
3) Jesus Alvarado (4oz) Demetrius Hall (Shin to Bone)
4) Birdie Carrasco (Shin to Bone) Jacqueline Williams (4oz)
5) Chadrick Turner (Twin Wolves) Alvin Perez (SitSiam)
6) Colbey Northcutt (4oz) Brittany Robertson (AKATX)
7) Joel Verdin (Shin to Bone) Ryan Baker (Mousel)
8) Terrance Johnson (Revolution) Matt Witherspoon
9) Parker Reid (Vongphet) Uriel Figueroa (Revolution)
10) Gabriel Lemus (Vongphet) Jennifer Guerrero (Revolution)
11) Joel Haesecke Chris Jackson (SBA/IZZY Camp)
12) Joshua Cabiya (AKATX) Chris Perez (GBTW)
13) Roland Rodriguez (Pinnacle) Paul Garza (Team Tooke)
14) Samuel Whitman (Vongphet) Ali Salami (GB Westchase)

taken straight form their page.
Please follow for further info.

Oliver Jimenez of Izzy Camp

Oliver Jimenez

(TFL) As normal, welcome back to where we cover up and coming Muay Thai talent in Texas, Oklahoma and the surrounding states. Today we have Oliver Jimenez from Izzy camp, which made a great showing, and pulled out a close win over a more experienced opponent at MTK1

Oliver, Thanks for being here, tell us a little bit about yourself and how long you’ve been training?

(Oliver Jimenez) I’m 19 right now, going to turn 20 on Feb 7th, and what can I say about myself… I love competing, I love to train and get better every day and it’s in my culture to be a fighter. I have been training with Khru Izzy for 8 months now.

(TFL) Yeah, Izzy is a great guy and a good coach. We interviewed Izzy when he first opened up Izzy Camp. Would you remind us how long Izzy Camp has been open, and what part of Houston do you all hail from?

(Oliver Jimenez) The gym is going to be one year old as of Feb 2014, and we’re located in Pasadena Tx.

(TFL) tell us about your coach and facilities?

(Oliver Jimenez) My coach is Isael zuniga or Khru izzy. Man, what “can” I say about this man… he’s changed my life in a positive way, and he always motivates us and teaches us by example. We don’t know what giving is, in our gym because of him.

(TFL) That’s wonderful; a coach that leads from the front is the best kind. You never have an excuse when your coach is running and training next to you. Leading by example is the highest form of leadership.

So what attracts you to this sport so much?

(Oliver Jimenez) What attracts me to the sport is how competitive it is. There no such things as a boring fight in Muay Thai, in my opinion. Growing up in the Mexican culture, boxing has always been big and I always watched it growing up. However, once I found out what Muay Thai was, I guess with it being more violent, that kind of drew me more into it. I also love the cultural aspect to it too, and I owe that to Khru Izzy.

(TFL) (Laughs) It’s funny you mention boxing. My grandfather and father boxed, but I never was interested in boxing until I did Muay Thai. I think the two sports run hand in hand.

Tell us about your fight history, your last fight and how it all went?

(Oliver Jimenez) I’m currently 1-0. My last fight was on Dec 13th, at Muay Thai Kingdom, and I won by a split decision. It wasn’t how I wanted to win, but I’ll take it.

(TFL) (Laughs) I understand that, no body every likes a split-win. But at least it was a great back and forth fight. You two were pretty evenly matched, and that makes for an exciting fight.

What are your plans for the future?

(Oliver Jimenez) My plans for the future is to keep training hard and hopefully keep getting more victories under my belt, and help the sport grown in Texas.

(TFL) Those are wonderful goals; we’ve got some great momentum behind us, and its guys like you, stepping up to bat that are driving that momentum.

Any training buddies we should be on the lookout for coming out of your gym?

(Oliver Jimenez) Yes, my teammate Chris Jackson. I guarantee you he will keep giving the people some great knockouts. Angel Benavidez is a monster, and people will love his style of fighting.

(TFL) Yeah, Chris Jackson has a very exciting style. It was hard for me to watch that fight, because Jeremy is a friend of mine (Haha) and sometimes friends fight each other. One reason I love Muay Thai is because it’s not personal, it’s just a sport.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

(Oliver Jimenez) I just wanted to add that I want to thank all my friends and family, my khru, my teammates, and a thank you to angel benavidez, isai cabrera, chris jackson, omar hillail, jose lluvano for helping me work hard

(TFL) Keep up the great work guys.

Photography and prints for sale by Mike Calimbas Photography.


Jennifer Guerrero


(*Addendum. Mohsena Wahed recently was forced to pulled out, due to medical reasons. We’re still hoping that an august 17th fight works out. If not, that’s the fighters life, always guessing when your next fight is.)

(TFL) Highlighting up and coming talent, today I have with me Jenn Guerrero. Thank you Jen for hanging out with us, tell us about you?

(JG)  Obviously- my name is Jennifer, I’m 26. I train out of Revolution Dojo- Houston and have been training in muay thai for about 2 ½ years.

(TFL) I know you come from some major poverty in your childhood, care to talk about your personal obstacles you’ve had to overcome to get this far, provide this isn’t too private?

(JG) Growing up my mom was a single mother of three. She worked long days and did her best to provide for us. There were times that I remember being really difficult especially during the holidays but I was always a good spirits kind of kid. I always had a lot of friends that helped with distracting anything that may be going on at home. If she taught me one thing, it was that you have to work hard for whatever it is that you want. Nothing was ever just handed to me and I’m fortunate enough that going through the things I went through as a kid made me stronger as a person and not the complete opposite.

(TFL) What got you started in this sport?

(JG)  I’ve always been a bigger girl. Never athletic, always lazy. About 4 years ago I started with some cardio kickboxing classes in attempt to lose some weight. They definitely got me going in the right direction but once I starting feeling comfortable with what I was doing, I started itching for the contact. I knew I wanted to stick to the standup and had heard about Kru Pong’s Thai boxing. I went in for my first day and immediately knew MT was what I needed to be doing. I was hooked ever since.


(TFL) Where did you get your start, and where are you at now?

(JG) I trained under Kru Pong for about a year and a half before my coaches made a move to Revolution Dojo last October. We made the move and I now train under them- Nethaneel Mongonia, Sam Mongonia and Uriel Figueroa.

(TFL) You recently competed at the TBA, how did it go?

(JG)  The TBA was an awesome experience. I knew I wanted to compete in it since before last year’s tournament so the anticipation was built up a lot. It didn’t let me down with how great it was. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the weight I was originally going to fight at by 2 pounds (135lbs) so I had to bump up to 145lbs. I woke up the morning of the fights under 145 so it was just very unfortunate that I wasn’t able to make weight. I was able to get the win anyway on my first fight over a very tough Canadian but I lost my second fight by decision.


(TFL) I know you actually fought at a larger weight class than normal. Both of your fights were three round wars, how do you feel about your performance?

(JG) Being that the girls I fought were significantly bigger than I was, I felt ok with my performances. I remember feeling really tired from the weight cut in my first fight. In my second one, I remember feeling good before heading in the ring. I was a little beat up from the first one but I still felt like I wasn’t going to have any problems pushing through. The girl that I fought was pretty much fresh considering she had knocked her first opponent out 15 seconds into the first round with a knee. She was significantly taller than me and was able to use her reach to keep me on the outside. I think the size difference was a huge factor. I was still ok with my performance because I know I didn’t give her an easy win. I probably learned more from that fight then any of my previous ones put together.


(TFL) Tell us about how many fights you’ve had, and who you’ve competed against?

(JG)  My very first fight was in April of last year against Lindsay Green from Dallas. She was 1-0 at the time so of course that was nerve wrecking. It felt great to get a win in my first fight. My second fight was in August of last year against Sabrina Garcia also out of Dallas. At that time she was undefeated in both MT and MMA. (I believe 2-0 MT 3-0 MMA) That was also nerve wrecking because she had so much more experience than I did. That of course also felt great to get a win over someone who had established themselves as a good female fighter in Texas. A month before the TBA, Michael Corley held a smoker here in Houston and I was able to compete against Melissa out of Team Tooke. I didn’t know much about her considering it was a smoker but I was definitely satisfied with my performance. Then of course there were the fights listed above from the TBA.

(TFL) What are your plans and goals for the future?

(JG) I can’t picture my life without Muay Thai in it… it’s definitely become a part of me and who I am. I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those MT turned MMA female fights. In fact I’ve only taken one jiu-jitsu class my whole life. Muay Thai is what I love so I plan on competing in it for as long as I can. I’m not sure that I have the long term goal of turning pro but am also not against it. If it happens, it happens. I just really enjoy the training and how it pushes and tests me. I definitely want to earn a beautiful strap so that’s a goal I know I can achieve and will be working to accomplish.


(TFL) You’re competing at Striking3, tell us about it?

(JG)  I’m very very excited to be fighting for this promotion. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it so I’m really looking forward to putting on a good show. I’ll be fighting Mohsena Wahed out of Saekson’s.

(TFL) Tell us about your opponent, you said she’s form Saekson’s right?

(JG)  I don’t really know much about her. I’ve only been able to catch her last fight that was also for Striking. I’m not even quite sure what her record is, but I obviously recognize which school she’s coming from. I know she’s going to bring her A-game considering her last fight was a loss so it should call for a pretty exciting fight.

(TFL) Yeah, that’s a top notch school. What do you think about fighting someone from such a prestigious school?

(JG)  It’s exciting but of course also a little nerve wrecking. Lol I know it’ll be tough but I also have some pretty amazing coaches myself that have gotten me where I am now. I trust that they’re preparing me as they always have for every fight. All I can do is train hard every day and stay focused so I can bring home a W.


(TFL) Well, I’m sure both of your girls are going to bring it August 17th at StriKing 3. I know this next showing will be at 140lbs, but I was told you’re moving down to the 115lbs bracket soon?

(JG) HA! 115- no… but ideally I’d like to move forward with all of my fights at 135. I really could probably even be at 125 but that’ll take a little bit more time. I’m a huge foodie so the dieting is definitely my biggest problem. Which fighter DOESN’T love food though??

(TFL) (Hahaha) All us fighter’s are fat kids. Keep up the good work, and fight your heart out August 17th. One more step towards that strap. Considering your record, Maybe StriKing would be willing to give you a title fight soon.

(JG) Definitely, thank you so much for having me. I look forward to putting on a great show!