LK3 Houston


Legacy Fighting Championship recently released their line up for the following LK3 event, set to take place at the Bayou Music Center in downtown Houston Texas.

Main Card (AXS TV):

135 – Anke Van Gestle (22-3) vs. Valentina Schevchenko (56-1)

205 Quarterfinals – Andres Van Engelen (8-1) vs. Danny Mitchell (4-1)

205 Quarterfinals – Manny Mancha (11-2) vs. Fernando Almeida (9-1)

160 – Richard Abraham (6-2) vs. Daniel Kim (4-2)

140 – Justin Houghton (6-2) vs. Angel Huerta (5-1)

140 – Jordan Wieland (21-3) vs. Samuel Mongonia (16-3)


154 – Adam Edgerton vs. Nethaneel Mongonia

125 – Andrea Lee vs. TBD

170 – RJ Knepp vs. Mike “The Truth” Jackson

135 – Bobby Bradshaw vs. Akira Smith

135 – Alexiz Chavarria vs. Dulani Perry

185 Amateur – Marcus Johnson vs. Jacob Rodriguez

105 Amateur – Emily Scmitt vs. Bi Nguyen

145 Amateur – Oliver Jimenez vs. John Miller

the card should prove to be a very exciting night of talented fighters, all looking to show case their abilities.

you can get further info here



Not motivated by money, motivated by Glory!


We’ve built what we have without a promoter building us. We travel on our own dollar, sweated, bled, tasted defeat and the glory of victory in the face of over whelming odds. And while we’re grateful of everything that we’ve been able to do and accomplish, we still have much more to do. We train, travel and fight. Obviously we have limited funds, families, bills, homes, jobs and responsibilities, so we try to do the best with what we have.
2014 has been an exciting year for the Muay thai team at Revolution Dojo Houston. As I look back over 2014 and reminisce about the accomplishment we’ve made, it astounds me as to how far we’ve made it. We’ve come a long way, and we couldn’t have done it without being a team, without all the amazing support from everyone.

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Everything from training in Thailand at Sitmonchai to representing our country at the IFMA World Championships astounds me. We’ve had so many great people around us that we’ve help make this happen, and I personally feel honored and grateful for the love people have shown us. We’ve made so many great friends, and done so much.
In 2015 we look forward to continuing the upwards trend.
We coach a lot of fighters, and obviously it’s a team effort. All the coaches, Sam, Uriel, Jenn and I all train full time and work full time, and when you lead from the front… you earn the love and respect of your fighters/students. When you’re out there sweating, running in rain or 109deg weather and giving 110 percent of what you ask of your students people are inspired, inspired to be more than they were yesterday.

10409712_10204414854311105_7152696389225588337_n 10390058_10204488415724033_9045706009384216685_n535920_10204488432524453_8838941205929687665_n10806408_10204488448524853_5223332310731445047_n
In 2014 we scooped up 7 titles, and I hope to keep this going into 2015. Jenn came back with the 2015 Women’s Class-A WKA champion, defeating her opponent from Russia and the other from Florida with an almost undefeated record of 7w-1l Martin in classic Martin fashion won by TKO in the pre-finals, and a decision in the championships, against a more experienced opponents bring home the nation novice division title and advances his record to 4w-0l. Woody put on a great performance against a more experienced opponent and loss a really close fight against the multiple time nation champion. With the hot and cold flash weather we’ve been having, Sammy ended up getting sick on the plane ride to Virginia. Good thing is that at least he got to play coach.
At the US Muay Thai Open in Tempe AZ which hosted the IFMA qualifiers this year, Sammy and Jenn picked up the 2015 USMTO open class national titles and was awarded a slot to once again represent our country at the highest level.

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Sam won a hard close fight at LK1, at which we hope will continue to be a success for promoting Kickboxing and Muay thai. Something that all the talent in the armature brackets has been toiling away in obscurity and it look as if all our hard work might be finally rewarded. Media exposure, and finally a real chance to go professional after all these years. I’m optimistic that whatever happens, LK has great potential to open doors for kickboxing. And who knows, maybe one day a LK vs Lion fights series would be amazing! Have a great week!


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Muay Thai Kingdom 4

Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai Glory 15


Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai, affectionately nicknamed “Moo” will be making his big debut on the world stage at Glory 15 in Istanbul Turkey. At 18 years old this young man made his way into the top ten of his respective weigh class at the Lumpinee stadium. Now at the age of 20 he’s stepping onto the world stage, and it will be a fight that you won’t want to miss.
Yodkhunpon, much like his gym mates, utilizes a heavy boxing and powerful leg kick style that doesn’t fit into the traditionalist model of Muay Thai.


The hand and leg kick style is a staple of the Dutch tradition of kickboxing, which we’re used to seeing in Europe and in the United States. However, the Thai adaptation of this style, utilizes all the power of the traditional Thai style kick, knees, elbows and foot work, which makes for a very fast pace and exciting style. I would also like to reiterate that not only is Yodkhunpon known for his knockout power and speed, but his wit as well.

Watching him train and fight, one thing I noticed was his high level of ring IQ. Even as Yodkhunpon is fighting aggressively forward, he has the ability to make his opponent miss and capitalize on his opponent’s mistakes. This mixed with his Knockout power, makes him a very dangerous opponent and a name to watch at Glory 15 and future events. I know I’ll be watching, and so should you!





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Chris Jackson


(TFL) Chris Jackson new up and comer, that has made a name for himself here in the Houston scene with a couple of great performances in the ring. Starting with boxing, Chris is an exciting and aggressive combination style fighter with massive power in his hands,

Chris, how long have you been training and tell us a bit about your history?

(Chris Jackson) I’ve been training going on 4yrs now. I did lots of boxing and a little MMA, but recently became addicted to Muay Thai (Laughs)

(TFL) yeah, Muay Thai will do that (laughs) is a beautiful sport, but it’s also an adrenaline rush because the sport can be so fast paced.

Fill us in on Submission Boxing Academy and Kru Izzy?

(Chris Jackson) SBA has been operating going on 7yrs; Kru Izzy branched out to start “Izzy Camp” which has been open for a little over a year now.

(TFL) I fought Brannon a long time ago; Brannon is a tough and talented kid, so you all have some killers over there. We interview Izzy a while back, when he first opened. I like Izzy a lot; he’s a good guy and a great teacher who’s been fighting and training for a long time. Congratulations to him for his success with Izzy Camp.

(Chris Jackson) When comes to Muay Thai Kru Izzy is an awesome instructor. He very traditional and passionate about Muay Thai, which makes me feel good to be training under him and representing Izzy Camp Muay Thai.

(TFL) Definitely, I love how he’s always training next to you guys.  How long have you been focusing on Muay Thai?

(Chris Jackson) I’ve been doing Muay Thai for the pass 3yrs, but this last year it’s become my main focus.


(TFL) what is it about Muay Thai that you enjoy so much?

(Chris Jackson) The culture itself and the respect that’s shared and encouraged amongst teammates, instructors and opponents. On top of that it’s beautiful yet brutal. We test ourselves daily, mentally, emotionally and physically.

(TFL) Chris, tell us a bit about your fight history and how your last showing went?

(Chris Jackson) I’ve only had one Muay Thai fight, against Jeremy Melbourne from Team Tooke. He was really good, came out with some technical combos. He sort of overwhelmed me, but I kept my composer, which is a gift of mine (Laughs). I realize I had to close the distance and hit him hard, which got me the KO of the night.


(TFL) Wow, yeah Jeremy is no slob, he’s really good. I’m sure there is a potential rematch in the future, but what are you really focusing on right now and what’s your career game plan?

(Chris Jackson) Keep training and learning anywhere and from anyone I can. I’m looking to gain all the experience possible and fight as long as my body allows me.

(TFL) That is definitely a great game plan. That would be my advice to anyone seeking to have a successful career and possibly go pro in Muay Thai one day.

Is there anyone on your team that we should be on the lookout for?

(Chris Jackson) Oliver Jimenez, dude is improving daily. Angel Benavides, very hard nose guy and kicks like a mule. Benito Moreno, he’s hungry and should be a force in the future. Just to name a few.

(TFL) Yes sir, well keep our eyes peeled. Oliver did great in his last fight, what impressed me was his ability to say calm and composed after that first round. I will be on the lookout for those names on future fight cards.

Are you pretty excited about Muay Thai kingdom 2?

(Chris Jackson) Oh yea I’m hyped, even if I wasn’t on the card I would still be excited to see the match ups on this card.

(TFL) I know right, definitely a great card with a lot of talent. Anyone you would like to thank or send a shout out to?

(Chris Jackson) I would like to thank all my coaches and teammates for being behind me during this journey I’m on. Also, I would like to thank Michael Corley for bringing Muay Thai back to Houston.

(TFL) You and me both brother! Thanks for the interview Chris.


Muay Thai Kingdom 2 is coming!



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Jennifer Guerrero


(*Addendum. Mohsena Wahed recently was forced to pulled out, due to medical reasons. We’re still hoping that an august 17th fight works out. If not, that’s the fighters life, always guessing when your next fight is.)

(TFL) Highlighting up and coming talent, today I have with me Jenn Guerrero. Thank you Jen for hanging out with us, tell us about you?

(JG)  Obviously- my name is Jennifer, I’m 26. I train out of Revolution Dojo- Houston and have been training in muay thai for about 2 ½ years.

(TFL) I know you come from some major poverty in your childhood, care to talk about your personal obstacles you’ve had to overcome to get this far, provide this isn’t too private?

(JG) Growing up my mom was a single mother of three. She worked long days and did her best to provide for us. There were times that I remember being really difficult especially during the holidays but I was always a good spirits kind of kid. I always had a lot of friends that helped with distracting anything that may be going on at home. If she taught me one thing, it was that you have to work hard for whatever it is that you want. Nothing was ever just handed to me and I’m fortunate enough that going through the things I went through as a kid made me stronger as a person and not the complete opposite.

(TFL) What got you started in this sport?

(JG)  I’ve always been a bigger girl. Never athletic, always lazy. About 4 years ago I started with some cardio kickboxing classes in attempt to lose some weight. They definitely got me going in the right direction but once I starting feeling comfortable with what I was doing, I started itching for the contact. I knew I wanted to stick to the standup and had heard about Kru Pong’s Thai boxing. I went in for my first day and immediately knew MT was what I needed to be doing. I was hooked ever since.


(TFL) Where did you get your start, and where are you at now?

(JG) I trained under Kru Pong for about a year and a half before my coaches made a move to Revolution Dojo last October. We made the move and I now train under them- Nethaneel Mongonia, Sam Mongonia and Uriel Figueroa.

(TFL) You recently competed at the TBA, how did it go?

(JG)  The TBA was an awesome experience. I knew I wanted to compete in it since before last year’s tournament so the anticipation was built up a lot. It didn’t let me down with how great it was. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the weight I was originally going to fight at by 2 pounds (135lbs) so I had to bump up to 145lbs. I woke up the morning of the fights under 145 so it was just very unfortunate that I wasn’t able to make weight. I was able to get the win anyway on my first fight over a very tough Canadian but I lost my second fight by decision.


(TFL) I know you actually fought at a larger weight class than normal. Both of your fights were three round wars, how do you feel about your performance?

(JG) Being that the girls I fought were significantly bigger than I was, I felt ok with my performances. I remember feeling really tired from the weight cut in my first fight. In my second one, I remember feeling good before heading in the ring. I was a little beat up from the first one but I still felt like I wasn’t going to have any problems pushing through. The girl that I fought was pretty much fresh considering she had knocked her first opponent out 15 seconds into the first round with a knee. She was significantly taller than me and was able to use her reach to keep me on the outside. I think the size difference was a huge factor. I was still ok with my performance because I know I didn’t give her an easy win. I probably learned more from that fight then any of my previous ones put together.


(TFL) Tell us about how many fights you’ve had, and who you’ve competed against?

(JG)  My very first fight was in April of last year against Lindsay Green from Dallas. She was 1-0 at the time so of course that was nerve wrecking. It felt great to get a win in my first fight. My second fight was in August of last year against Sabrina Garcia also out of Dallas. At that time she was undefeated in both MT and MMA. (I believe 2-0 MT 3-0 MMA) That was also nerve wrecking because she had so much more experience than I did. That of course also felt great to get a win over someone who had established themselves as a good female fighter in Texas. A month before the TBA, Michael Corley held a smoker here in Houston and I was able to compete against Melissa out of Team Tooke. I didn’t know much about her considering it was a smoker but I was definitely satisfied with my performance. Then of course there were the fights listed above from the TBA.

(TFL) What are your plans and goals for the future?

(JG) I can’t picture my life without Muay Thai in it… it’s definitely become a part of me and who I am. I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those MT turned MMA female fights. In fact I’ve only taken one jiu-jitsu class my whole life. Muay Thai is what I love so I plan on competing in it for as long as I can. I’m not sure that I have the long term goal of turning pro but am also not against it. If it happens, it happens. I just really enjoy the training and how it pushes and tests me. I definitely want to earn a beautiful strap so that’s a goal I know I can achieve and will be working to accomplish.


(TFL) You’re competing at Striking3, tell us about it?

(JG)  I’m very very excited to be fighting for this promotion. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it so I’m really looking forward to putting on a good show. I’ll be fighting Mohsena Wahed out of Saekson’s.

(TFL) Tell us about your opponent, you said she’s form Saekson’s right?

(JG)  I don’t really know much about her. I’ve only been able to catch her last fight that was also for Striking. I’m not even quite sure what her record is, but I obviously recognize which school she’s coming from. I know she’s going to bring her A-game considering her last fight was a loss so it should call for a pretty exciting fight.

(TFL) Yeah, that’s a top notch school. What do you think about fighting someone from such a prestigious school?

(JG)  It’s exciting but of course also a little nerve wrecking. Lol I know it’ll be tough but I also have some pretty amazing coaches myself that have gotten me where I am now. I trust that they’re preparing me as they always have for every fight. All I can do is train hard every day and stay focused so I can bring home a W.


(TFL) Well, I’m sure both of your girls are going to bring it August 17th at StriKing 3. I know this next showing will be at 140lbs, but I was told you’re moving down to the 115lbs bracket soon?

(JG) HA! 115- no… but ideally I’d like to move forward with all of my fights at 135. I really could probably even be at 125 but that’ll take a little bit more time. I’m a huge foodie so the dieting is definitely my biggest problem. Which fighter DOESN’T love food though??

(TFL) (Hahaha) All us fighter’s are fat kids. Keep up the good work, and fight your heart out August 17th. One more step towards that strap. Considering your record, Maybe StriKing would be willing to give you a title fight soon.

(JG) Definitely, thank you so much for having me. I look forward to putting on a great show!


Alex Chhang

  • 1045260_10151736795103454_1925462348_n

    (TFL) What got you started in this sport, and how long have you been training?

    (AC) I started back Nov. 4th 2010 for a trial class and because an official member in Jan.2011. So about 2 years now.

    (TFL)Any personal obstacles you have had to overcome, to get this far?

    (AC) Outside the gym mainly was to find balance with work and school. But I would find myself being at the gym (Laughs).

    (TFL) What keeps you training and working so hard?

    (AC) Martial arts is self cultivating for me. I didn’t like the person I was growing up to be and when I starting training with Kru I fortified my focus to get better and I try to apply the same concentration in every aspect of my life. Plus I welcome the work no matter how hard.


    (TFL)Who are you matched up against?(AC) Carlos Garza

    (TFL)What would you say to others looking to complete in Muay Thai?

    (AC) Stay focus, master your basics, and enjoy your training. It’s the time of your life.

    (TFL)What are your plans for the future?

    (AC) I still compete in MMA I want to have a few matches than. And compete my Muay Thai events.

    (TFL) Thank you very much for hanging out with us.

    Don’t miss out on what is surely going to be an incredible fight, August 17th at the Muskogee Civic Center.